The Paramedic

By Carles Torras

Thriller. Psychological thriller. The Paramedic immerses us in the day-to-day life of Angel, a paramedic on board an ambulance who, following a bad accident, is left confined to a wheelchair. Wallowing in depression and unable to face his new life, Angel decides to channel his rage, getting even with those who have betrayed him.

American Satan

By Aram Garriga

Documentary. Religion. Founded in 1966 in California by a lion tamer named Anton Szandor LaVey, the controversial Church of Satan has always been surrounded by mysteries, scandals and moral panics. Today it has undoubtedly become one of the most fascinating phenomena of American religious pluralism.

The Invasion

By Hèctor Hernández

TV Series. Sci-Fi. Aliens. An intelligent being, microscopic in size, travels across the universe inside meteors, reaching Earth-like planets in search of water and other beings that serve as hosts. This being begins to parasite humans. The Invasion begins in a small mountain village, where the fragment of a meteorite is discovered.

Upon Entry

By Sebastián Vasquez & Alejandro Rojas

Drama. Immigration. Upon Entry tells the story of a young couple moving to the U.S. from Spain. Upon their arrival at the airport, after a long immigration process, an unexpected last step threatens their entry to the country as custom officers insist on a final interview. The immigration process will test the couple’s stability.

Touched by Fire

By Santiago Lapeira

Drama. Post-war. Based on the novel by Manuel de Pedrolo, Touched by Fire intertwines a love story with a series of conversations in which a young man, a stranger to whom a family has granted a few nights’ lodging at the request of a friend, presents his beliefs with regard to moral aspects of conflicting socio-economic models.