Upon Entry

By Juan Sebastián Vásquez & Alejandro Rojas

Drama. Immigration. Upon Entry tells the story of a young couple moving to the U.S. from Spain. Upon their arrival at the airport, after a long immigration process, an unexpected last step threatens their entry to the country as custom officers insist on a final interview. The immigration process will test the couple’s stability.

The Invasion

By Hèctor Hernández Vicens

TV Series. Sci-Fi. An intelligent being, microscopic in size, travels across the universe inside meteors, reaching Earth-like planets in search of water and other beings that serve as hosts. This being begins to parasite humans. The Invasion begins in a small mountain village, where the fragment of a meteorite has been discovered.


Beach House

By Hèctor Hernández Vicens

Horror. Adolescence. Isaac, Xavi and Manu (20-21 years) go to Formentera in summer to flirt with girls. They put cameras in a house and rent the ground floor to three Russian girls. What they had not expected is that the house would become the refuge of some Russian gangsters who, after discovering the cameras, will chase the boys.

Isis Widows

By Alba Sotorra

Documentary. Syrian Civil War. In a process of collective catharsis, 5 western ISIS widows face their traumatic experiences while receiving a 6-week feminist training in a detention camp in Syria. While they are trapped in a legal and political limbo, with no foreseeable way out, a local woman believes they deserve a second chance.

Apaiz kartzela

By Oier Aranzabal & David Pallarès

Documentary. Post-war. In 1973, international TV channels reported on the fire started by the priests imprisoned in the Concordat Prison of Zamora (Spain), who also dug a tunnel to try and escape. It was the only prison for priests in the world, created by the Vatican and Franco. Juan Mari Zulaika fights to keep the memory alive.

Touched by Fire

By Santi Lapeira

Drama. Post-war. Based on the novel by Manuel de Pedrolo, Touched by Fire intertwines a love story with a series of conversations in which a young man, a stranger to whom a family has granted a few nights’ lodging at the request of a friend, presents his beliefs with regard to the moral aspects of conflicting socioeconomic models.


By Carles Torras

TV Series. Terror. A cosmologist and theoretical physicist travels with his pregnant wife and her daughter to an isolated observatory, in the middle of the desert, to work on a cosmological observation project. After the first weeks of research, they will experience unexpected events that will challenge the nature of their reality.